In the world that is so dominated by social media, you need to find how well you are marketing on Instagram.  In order to do that, you have plenty of Analytics tools help you make the analyze your marketing over Instagram. EvoIG provides some of the best analytics tools for this.

In 2016, EvoIG sprang to life. It began as a small fun-filled adventure that helped gather statistics about Instagram accounts. Ever since, EVOIG has been developing cool and innovative ways to analyze Instagram marketing.


EvoIG does a multitude of things at one go. It tracks the most essential things that help you see how well you are doing over Instagram. This includes recording the number of followers, top posts, mentions, hashtags, and others.

Let us now take a look at the various analytics tools that we uses in order to have analyze your Instagram Marketing.

EvoIG Instagram Marketing Tool Presents:

Growth Statistics

Instagram Report - EvoIG com

The most important consideration for analyzing your Instagram account is to compare the number of people with the number of people who followed you in the past. This helps you have a clear picture of how much how much your account has grown over a period of time. With tools of EvoIG, you not only have a tabular form of the data that points to your growth but also a graphical one.

Average Engagement Rate

Instagram Average Engagement Rate Report - EvoIG com

You not only want to see the number of people who follow you but also learn how much they are engaged with your posts. With EvoIG, you can also learn visually the amount of time that people spend on a given day on your account. This helps you learn which techniques you used in a particular to increase the engagement of viewers. This will directly aid you to know what content viewers find engaging and help you plan accordingly.

Future Predictions

EvoIG - Future Projections

An important part of analyzing your Instagram marketing is not simply to look at the way things are today but to look at how you might do in the future. The analytics tools of EvoIG help you to know how many more people will follow you in the near or the distant future. On the basis of the growth of your Instagram account in the past, you will learn how well you are going do in the next month, a few months, a year or even 2 years.

Comparison Tools

Compare Instagram Users - EvoIG com.png

A big part of marketing on Instagram is also to know how well others are doing. With the comparative tools of EvoIG, you can track how well your rivals are performing. This will give you a look into the good works that others are doing so that you could look into their strategies and how you can use them in order to excel.

Tags and Hashtags

Instagram Audit Hashtags and mentions

It is well-known that tags and hashtags help you reach a wider audience than you normally would. EvoIG keeps a record of the top hashtags from the last 10 posts. Use can make a use of these hashtags in the future to increase your popularity.

PDF exports


After you take a look at your growth, engagement, and all the others discussed above, you might want a copy of these records so that you could discuss it later with your friends, business partners or others. So the Instagram Analytics tools at EvoIG also provide you a PDF sheet of the data that you have gathered. This helps you review and analyze the data at a later time.

Other Benefits of EvoIG

  • You can track an unlimited amount of accounts using EvoIG.
  • Generating a report using EvoIG doesn’t take more than 5 seconds making it hyper-efficient. No sooner you type the name of the desired person’s name in the search box, you’ll have access to all the data you need.
  • All of the information you get is legal as EvoIG gets all its information from Instagram’s Official API.
  • EvoIG is a trust-worthy name that is used by as much as 4000 brands in the world.
  • 3 free credits when you register to test the service.
  • Directory with Influencers.

Register now and get 3 free credits to test our service.


These innovative tools at EvoIG provide you with some of the best analysis of your Instagram Marketing. These Instagram Analytics tools are some of the best you can find to help you bolster your Instagram account. Make sure that you use them well and make your presence felt in instagram.

How to Analyze Your Instagram Marketing with EvoIG
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