How it Works?

Hands-Free Instagram Audit: What do I need to use this tool

You don't need to connect to your Instagram account or to use any username or password, besides the account you create on this website, simply use the search box, fill in your Instagram username and be patient for 10-15 seconds, we will gather your account information and display them in a report.

I just ran an audit, but there are no data in the report:

Instagram has over 600.000.000 accounts; it will be crazy for us to store all those accounts information - it's not even legal.

Once someone fills one Instagram username in our website, we start gathering data about that account, once every 24 hours. If the username has been already in our database (was searched by someone else in the past) then we will immediately display all the data we have, if not, we will track the account and update the report once at 24 hours.

Why don't you have demographics like gender and location of the followers:

Instagram does NOT make those data publicly available, there are services that pretend they have those data, but they don't really. The things they do, is looking at hashtags and if someone has a city or country hashtag in the last 100 pictures they will say that person is from that country or city - of course that person could be in a holiday..somewee else.

Is there any trial:

Yes, every new account gets 1 FREE credit to test our service. If you don't want to create an account, you can check the DEMO Reports on the front page.